RELIC Precision Components

The Ardor and Energy of Mountainbikers require the best of materials!

RELIC Precision Components are exclusively produced by HiBike, the R&D base company who have produced OEM products for many years in cooperation with some of the most famous MTB brands on the planet.

RELIC come from a stable with high credentials in manufacturing Mountain Bike products. This is now expressed through the RELIC range developed by some of the best designers, cyclists and builders, which has resulted in Components with the best weight to strength ratio - from the lightest climbing rig to the fastest gravity decent rocket - using the finest CNC engineering.

We believe that our high standard CNC machining produces exquisite and superstrong star quality components to make your bicycle more powerfull and responsive. Each RELIC Precision Component that you aquire will not only enhance you appearance but will also improve the performance of your bike. Desire the best. RELIC Precision Components are exclusively available from - a webstore operated by BikeSeven Cycle Centre.

BikeSeven Cycle Center

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